Tamol N


The Tamol® N grades are condensation products of naphtalenesulphonic acid. The individual products in the range differ from each other in terms of their degree of polycondensation, degree of neutralization, and their salt content.
The Tamol® NN grades have a low degree of polycondensation, whereas Tamol® NH 7519 has a high degree of polycondensation.
The first two digits of the numeric product code refer to the percentage of active content. The last two digits refer to the sodium sulphate content. The overall solids content is the sum of the active content and the sodium sulphate content. All of these figures are approximate.
The Tamol® N grades supplied in powder form are pale brown or deep brown in colour. The products supplied in liquid form are dark brown. They are very versatile stabilizers for aqueous dispersions and emulsions, and for solutions of surfactants and other auxiliaries. They can be employed as dispersing agents and grinding aids for pigments and dyes in aqueous media, as laking agents for dyes, and as precipitants for other cationic substances. They also have applications in metal finishing.
All of the Tamol® N grades have an excellent dispersing action and they perform well as protective colloids. They are not surface-active, resulting in low wetting power and very little tendency to foam.

MSDS Tamol NN 9104 (GB)