Oracet Blue 640

Famico supplies Oracet Blue 640 (BASF) to petrochemical industries. Technical Information Oracet blue 640  , Oracet Blue 640 msds , Pigments for Plastics

Dowtherm RP

DOWTHERM* RP heat transfer fluid is
 a diaryl alkyl intended for use in applications that require liquid phase heat transfer. DOWTHERM RP fluid can be used in non-pressurized systems, and is pumpable to 0°C (32°F). A major advantage of DOWTHERM RP fluid is the fact that it degrades pri- marily to low molecular weight products, […]

BASF Tamol NN 9104

The Tamol N types are very versatile stabilizers for aqueous dispersions and emulsions, and for aqueous solutions of surfactants and other auxiliaries. They can also be employed as grinding aids and dispersing agents for pigments and dyes in aqueous media, and as precipitants for basic dyes and cationic compounds. They may also be used as […]

Mission To Brazil

MINISTERIAL-LED MISSION TO BRAZIL As the world’s 7th largest economy and Britain’s largest export partner in Latin America, Brazil is a nation that our businesses cannot afford to ignore. This November, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) will be hosting a ministerial led mission which will provide medium sized businesses with the opportunity to gain access to […]

Winning Business In The Middle East

Business West invites you, during Export Week, to attend our seminar and networking event – Winning Business in the Middle East. Middle East markets, undoubtedly a great economic success, continue to show considerable growth.  If you would like to grow your business in this region, you are very welcome to come along to this event. […]

Exporting ABB motors

ABB (2P, 18.5 KW, M3GP160MLC, ABB), B5. Flange mounted, 400V/ 3PH/ 50HZ, IP56. ABB motors are successfully exported to UAE. ABB CERT OF CONFORMITY FAMICO

PMHP 50-55

  28,800 Kgs of PMHP 50-55 ( menthane monohydroperoxy derivative ) which is supported by MPI Chemie BV is successfully exported to UAE and Turkey.             TDS PMHP 50-55 Weight Certificate


  Famico provided spring supports from Bergen Pipe Support in UK and successfully exported them to UAE.    

Famico in Brazil with UK trade delegation

A five-day market visit to Brazil, which was led by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), has been hailed a success by South West companies. The businesses visited one of the world’s most lucrative markets with support and leadership from UKTI, who assisted with visit planning, market research and preparation for this dynamic, but challenging country. […]

SPX acquisition of CLYDEUNION Pumps now complete

SPX Corporation has completed its acquisition of CLYDEUNION Pumps, a global supplier of pump technologies used in oil and gas processing, power generation and other industrial applications. The final agreement, amended Dec. 22, states the total purchase price as 500 million British Pounds (GBP), about $779 million. The agreement also includes a potential earn-out payment next […]