Echemic is a supplier of speciality chemicals and cleaning chemicals for use in the Industrial and Petrochemical markets. With in-depth industry experience and extensive technical assistance, Echemic is able to service manufacturers’ needs thoroughly. Our extensive product range enables us to provide our customers with the latest and most relevant speciality technology coupled with the backup and documentation needed for effective implementation. 

Echemic’s chemicals business is classified in the following categories:

  • Commodity Chemicals
  • Speciality Chemicals & Additives
  • Fluorine and Fine Chemicals
 Aromatics and Phenol
 Aromatic Derivatives 
 Melamine and Guanidine Carbonate
 Chemical Intermediates
 Fibre Intermediates 
 Industrial gases
 Linear alpha olefins


Our principles focus around our core values…

– Competitive prices
– Seamless supply chain
– Strong Quality Control and Documentation Support
– Thorough and efficient technical backup and formulation advice

By maintaining our core values we have been able to service a growing customer base with the object of fulfilling & satisfying their individual needs of paramount importance.