DEHA (Poland)

Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) (IUPAC name: N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine, Other names: N-Ethyl-N-hydroxy-ethanamine) is a chemical used in some plastics. As a free radical scavenger, it has five principal uses: Polymerization Inhibitor Color Stabilizer (Photographics) Oxygen Scavenger (Water Treatment) Corrosion Inhibitor Discoloration Inhibitor (Phenolics) Famico has successfully exported 20.72 tons of Deha to Middel East in the second half of […]


Famico has been providing Petrochemical Sites with Phenol mostly within Isotanks, These experiences in analysing the area of activities and what those specific areas need as well as looking into the manufacturer’s products around the world have helped us realising our customers need better and help them with supplying this product in the best way we […]

Rosin for SBR, PBR Production Line

Famico is the main supplier of Rosin (Solid Resin) for various petrochemical companies in large scales, below you can find COA of one of our shipments of this product along with the pictures of the Rosin Famico has supplied so far.   Our Storages of Rosin in China Before Shipment Rosin, also called colophony or […]

Oracet Blue 640

Famico supplies Oracet Blue 640 (BASF) to petrochemical industries. Technical Information Oracet blue 640  , Oracet Blue 640 msds , Pigments for Plastics

Dowtherm RP

DOWTHERM* RP heat transfer fluid is
 a diaryl alkyl intended for use in applications that require liquid phase heat transfer. DOWTHERM RP fluid can be used in non-pressurized systems, and is pumpable to 0°C (32°F). A major advantage of DOWTHERM RP fluid is the fact that it degrades pri- marily to low molecular weight products, […]

BASF Tamol NN 9104

The Tamol N types are very versatile stabilizers for aqueous dispersions and emulsions, and for aqueous solutions of surfactants and other auxiliaries. They can also be employed as grinding aids and dispersing agents for pigments and dyes in aqueous media, and as precipitants for basic dyes and cationic compounds. They may also be used as […]

PMHP 50-55

  28,800 Kgs of PMHP 50-55 ( menthane monohydroperoxy derivative ) which is supported by MPI Chemie BV is successfully exported to UAE and Turkey.             TDS PMHP 50-55 Weight Certificate

S Korea’s Hanwha runs PA plant at 20% after unexpected shutdown

Singapore (Platts)–29Dec2011/359 am EST/859 GMT South Korea’s Hanwha Chemical restarted its 80,000 mt/year phthalic anhydride plant at Ulsan on Wednesday after it was shut unexpectedly on December 22 due to a mechanical problem, a company source said Thursday. Hanwha is currently operating the plant at a 20% production rate after Wednesday’s restart. The plant was […]